Risk Dollarisation® Foundation Course

Risk Dollarisation® Foundation

This course will explore:

  • What you haven’t been told about your business’s risk portfolio
  • What they don’t assess in merger and acquisition reviews
  • How you can reduce your Damage Costs and increase your profits
  • The brand new way to approach risk management

The course also explores the implications of the changing way we work, including automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and the gig/informal economies, and how this will impact your risk management and bottom line.

Risk Dollarisation® will assure the best outcome for your workforce and the fiscal health of your business.

By the end of this course, you will have an understanding of how to use Risk Dollarisation® to take control of Damage Costs and associated risks in your business.

Who is this course for?

This course is for business leaders and professionals who wish to make safety, health and wellbeing relevant to business.

This means speaking the language of dollars, converting non-financial risks into financial terms, and learning how to speak in terms of financial benefits.

Traditional Safety Models are often at odds with the way that business makes decisions. In general, business leaders are mainly focused on financial outcomes, threats and opportunities.

So what does this mean for the safety profession?

Recognising the current safety approach does not match the way business leaders think; we have choices.

We can either continue to try to convince business leaders to think differently, or we can lean to speak the language of business.

We created this financially savvy safety approach precisely because we care deeply about minimising the harm caused to people by work.

We know that translating safety risk into terms that business and financial people can understand has the best possible chance of delivering that outcome.

Safety Professionals who understand the language of Risk Dollarisation® get a seat at the table and speak in a language that is understood.