Risk Dollarisation® was patented in 2016 and the process can be licensed.

The process has saved millions of dollars of workers’ compensation and associated damage costs for some of the largest companies.

Our expertise and experience led to activate a philosophy and methodology, Risk Dollarisation®, to bring about transformational change to a sector where there is little incentive for service providers to reduce business costs.

We work with Senior Leaders, CEOs, CFOs, Boards, and Risk Management Professionals to drive efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Risk Dollarisation® converts non-financial risk  into dollar terms to enable management to more easily address the complex interplay of these factors within a business and reduce associated costs.

“Our method provides senior management with risk information in language they understand – we convert non-financial data into a financial context to enable businesses to see where issues lie and where true associated costs are located.”

Our damage cost assessments of organisations non-financial risk portfolio provide leaders with the information they need to better manage and reduce the costs associated with risk.

We provide complete visibility of true damage costs and highlight the opportunities to manage the damage. Our unique approach to ‘dollarising’ risk helps organisations identify opportunities to reduce the cost of damage and the negative impact on the bottom-line.

To provide ongoing visibility, accountability and measurement to this area of risk across the entire business we developed MetricDriver™, a powerful process that uses the philosophy of Risk Dollarisation®.

Our Risk Dollarisation® approach has a range of applications  with benefits for

  • Organisations and Business Units
  • National and State agencies
  • Employer Self Insurers
  • Employer Funded Insurance

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